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AI Workshop

Helping you win in AI world

Service Description

We will help you and your company win in AI world - both with preparing you for the future with the right strategy, as well as defining next concrete steps you will take in order to win in the AI future. Please note you need to book our exclusive and best in class AI Workshop at least 10 days in advance. But your cooperation with us will start immediately. Shortly after you book our proprietary AI Workshop, we will get in touch to get all the relevant information from you and your company to be able to properly prepare the workshop. You can expect to get the following from the workshop: 1. Know what is the status of your company 2. Identify possible scenarios 3. Select the best option 4. Further activities supporting the above

Cancellation Policy

For the Discovery Call we would like to ask you to reschedule at least 1 hour in advance in case something comes in between. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please note that the AI Workshop cannot be cancelled with full reimbursement. If the workshop is cancelled at least 7 days in advance, we will reimburse 50% of the sum paid. In case of later cancellation (or no-show), the ull amount will be due.

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